Learn How to Make Homemade Beer with Beer Brewing Made Easy

Beer Brewing Made Easy

I’ll just go straight to the point in this review. Beer Brewing Made Easy is a video course by Jake Evans, and it is just what it says it is – how to make homemade beer that tastes great! The reason this video guide is exceptional is that you will be learning from a really experienced brewer who has witnessed the ups and downs of the brewing market and how the great tastes of brewery products have declined over the years due to economic and industry-related factors.

In this video guide, he captures the secret of brewing great tasting beer at home. He assumes whoever wants to learn how to make homemade beer would also be ready to put in the required effort, time and resources, though you don’t actually need as much time or money as many people think to make an ample amount of great tasting beer.

Why Would I Brew Beer At Home?

Homemade beers are fast becoming fashionable among young people. The entire process of making the beer adds real fun to the process of planning parties, get-togethers and reunions. Many people now consider serving a better tasting, homemade beer a unique way of treating guests specially.

Moreover if you enjoy brewing and making beer, you might want to consider becoming a home-brewing expert. There are several ways you could start a home-brewing business. These are explained in the bonus materials that come with this package.

Who Needs this Guide?

Obviously, this guide is not for everyone. First of all, you will need to be of legal drinking age in your area. Secondly, this video guide will be most useful for people who value the great taste of real beer and are willing to make it at home.

Particularly, Jake created Beer Brewing Made Easy for 3 categories of people.

  • Beer Lovers with No Experience: If you love taking or making beer, but you have little or no experience, Jake has just bailed you out. He teaches how to make those specially prepared, great tasting, homemade beers with minimal cost and almost effortlessly. His video guide is very detailed and interesting, even a novice will easily capture the techniques as detailed in the video. Jake’s guide is undeniably an invaluable resource if you want to become a home-brewing pro.
  • Experienced Brewers Looking for Greater Exposure: In this guide, Jake reveals the secrets he learnt from his years of brewing. These secrets provide greater exposure for experienced brewers who would like to see what lies behind the curtain. His bonus materials on turning brewing to a personal business and making wine and spirits might also be useful in expanding your brewing business.
  • Health-Conscious Individuals Who Love Beer: Health is one aspect of our lives that should be meticulously guarded. In the last few years, people have learned to watch what they take, do and how they do them. This is one of the most basic reasons many people now make homemade beers. By preparing your beer at home, you will be able to have full control on the additives and alcohol concentration of your beer as well as the sanity of your equipment and environment while still retaining the great taste you originally wanted.

What Will I Get from This Package?

Beer Brewing Made Easy offers detailed, step-by-step video guide on how to brew beer of the finest quality. Jake explains every step with vivid and elaborate pictures. You will learn the 3 major brewing techniques, the latest beer brewing tactics and much more. He begins from the basics to help beginners get the hang of it. Then, he moves to really advanced techniques for making your beer taste really great.

Additionally, you will be properly guided on sanitizing all your equipments after use. This makes a lot of sense for health-conscious individuals since the sanity of your brewing equipments will also affect the integrity of the product.

Are there Any Bonus Offers?

Yes, Beer Brewing Made Easy comes with 3 special bonuses that are as good as the beer brewing guide:

1. Secret Recipes Of Over 700 Beers: These are recipes for more than 700 separate beer types, containing both traditional and exotic recipes. According to Jake, this bonus material contains all the beer recipes known to man. Jake even teaches how to change the ingredients to come up with different tastes and types of beer as well as how to modify the bitterness, aroma and flavor of your beer by changing one or more additives like the spices or hops.

2. Starting A Beer Brewing Business: This bonus is included for people who are already considering starting a home-brewing business. This guide will guide you through the insider secrets of the market. If you love brewing, this is your chance to turn your hobby to a business.

3. Making wine and spirits: Beer brewing and making wines are so similar that you shouldn’t learn one and omit the other. So, Jake packaged a third bonus material to guide you through the process of making wine and spirits also.


Beer Brewing Made Easy will teach anyone how to make homemade beer. Jake’s guide delivers on its promise, and you have a 60-day money back guarantee if you discover the video guide is not what you expected.


How to Make Homemade Beer  Visit the Beer Brewing Made Easy website here.


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